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Manage your network with TrueTel Customer Network Management Solutions.

Now, managing your network is easier than ever with TrueTel Customer Network Management (CNM) Solutions. Finally, network management solutions with the tools that give you quick, cost-effective access to your network's up-to-the minute performance. TrueTel CNM Solutions provide you with the technology you need to put your network to work for your business. TrueTel CNM is a complete diagnostic package that allows you to keep constant watch over how your network is responding to the way you do business. With everything from quicker problem resolution to easily accessible Service Level Agreement reports, TrueTel CNM Solutions are the perfect management tools for your network.

How it's used
Choose from innovative TrueTel CNM options:
Whether you have a large network with an entire team of management support or you're looking for someone to handle your management needs from start to finish, TrueTel has the CNM solution for you.
  1. TrueTel Web-Based Network Manager
    Let TrueTel optimize your network performance and network management from end to end with the Web-Based Network Manager. Owned and hosted by TrueTel, this solution can alleviate some of the burden of network management. Get daily, weekly, and monthly network performance reports, work with TrueTel directly to enhance your network's efficiency, and eliminate down time with better management control. Plus CNM can be a great way to save money by allowing you to forego the purchase and implementation and management hassles of your own network management system.

    Web-Based Network Manager
    Two Options Available:

    Tier 1
    TrueTel-specific plans and reports accessed via a web browser
    Daily and monthly network performance reports
    Over 60 executive level reports (accepted for SLA validation)

    Tier II - All of the features of Tier I plus various diagnostic tools
    Near real-time performance monitoring and troubleshooting available
    Protocol traffic captures
  2. Frame Relay Performance Manager
    TrueTel Frame Relay Performance Manager simplifies the complex tasks of managing mission-critical networks and validating SLAs — allowing customers to easily monitor network performance.

    The service is unique in that it is built upon a network architecture that allows the customer to choose among several TrueTel-approved CSU/DSU vendors depending upon their reporting needs and CPE preferences. The "frame-aware" CSU/DSUs serve as the data collection points, giving customers true end-to-end performance details, including local loop access.

    TrueTel will manage and maintain the collection and reporting platform, which the customer can then access through a web browser anytime and from virtually anywhere. This new platform gives the customer the control to choose which reporting solution is best for them to increase network uptime, enhance network management productivity, and lower the overall cost of their frame relay network service.

    This unique network reporting solution that is fully scalable, secure, and offers customers TrueTel specific SLA validations reports and a robust suite of performance reports. Giving this type of SLA and performance reporting capability to the customer, regardless of network size, allows them to easily validate TrueTel's world class frame relay network and directly compliments TrueTel's commitment to offer highly reliable frame relay service.

    TrueTel Frame Relay Performance Manager provides a variety of monitoring reports including Network Capacity, PVC Activity Detail, Network Port Errors, and Raw Throughput and Latency. Reports can be summarized in 15 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly views giving network managers details for activities from network troubleshooting to capacity planning. The Frame Relay Performance Manager allows customers to select the right reporting solution to meet their needs. TrueTel's technical support staff can also review performance data online with the customer, anytime. This accessibility results in quicker problem identification, problem resolution and improved network service planning.
  3. Web-based Network Management Services for ATM
    Understanding that business need cost-effective network performance reporting capabilities, TrueTel's ATM Web-based Network Manager provides customers the ability to view real-time and historical network performance information through their web browser. TrueTel's ATM Web-based Network Manager enables customers to improve their network planning, troubleshooting, and real-time problem resolution as well as provide specific reports that help customers monitor their TrueTel Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

    As companies evolve into e-business they need more control of and visibility into their network systems to operate efficiently. TrueTel's expertise with public ATM is layered deep into the organization with an entire complement of technical support and operational resources to help customers with network design, equipment selection, configuration, and management. Recently, TrueTel was rated the number 1 leading information technology innovator in the telecommunications industry. TrueTel's expertise assures customers that the ATM Web-based Network Manager is the tool e-businesses need to dynamically manage their ATM network.

    The new TrueTel ATM Web-based Network Manager, when purchased along with TrueTel's ATM service, eliminates the need for customers to acquire expensive network management equipment, or set up and configure additional network management systems. In addition, TrueTel's ATM Web-based Network Manager supports the management of Frame Relay-ATM Service interworking. This added support allows customers, who leverage their existing Frame Relay network with TrueTel's ATM services, to easily monitor end-to-end network performance across TrueTel's Frame Relay to ATM gateway.

    As part of the service, TrueTel maintains the network management database while customers simply access the troubleshooting tools and performance reports through their web browser, providing the customer a fully scalable and easily upgraded solution. The service reports enable customers to proactively identify network pressure points and use the information for resource planning and bandwidth allocation. The reports also allow customers to monitor their ATM network performance by validating SLAs. TrueTel's SLAs not only provide for 100 percent service availability, but also for network efficiency and reliable data transfer.

    TrueTel's new ATM Web-based Network Manager service complements the wide array of ATM solutions TrueTel offers. Included within these ATM solutions is TrueTel's switched virtual circuits (SVCs) package. TrueTel's SVCs feature can be used with all classes of ATM service and allow customers to dynamically define their network connections on an as-needed basis. Customers can instantly free up unused network connections, allowing more bandwidth for other applications. By combining SVCs with the new ATM Web-based Network Manager, customers have the ability to identify "hot spots," establish SVC connections, and avert a wide array of potential network troubles.

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